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Top 10 HR Skills Your Company Needs

In 2014 the dynamic in the workplace has become complicated in finding the right talent within the confines of budget cuts and other constraints. It’s important to know of the best skills needed in human resources, in order to effectively scale your business. A skilled HR team can make the difference between growing your company toward a successful future, versus being left behind. Here’s a list of the most important HR skills needed in 2014 to expand your business, and find the right people to join your team!

1. Talent Management
Being able to build a great management system to support the talented employees that you gain is imperative to success. At the heart of your business is the people that you work with, and by developing strong management and being supportive of your employees will create a positive workplace and build retention.

2. People Skills
One of the most important skills your HR team can possess is “people skills”. As effective members of the team, they need to be compassionate, understanding, and able to solve problems. Having the ability to build relationships with employees means everything to your budding endeavors.

3. Data Analysis
The ability to analyze and organize large amounts of data is another important skill. They should not just have the skills to collect the data, but also determining how the data can help to build toward better and more efficient practices in the work place.

4. Big Picture Thinking
As an HR team, they must possess the ability to think of the entire picture as a whole. In developing the talent for the business, they must also be able to collaborate with management to develop a community of individuals who can work well together to build awesome projects, hit deadlines, and exceed expectations. It’s crucial to capitalize on opportunities to place the right individual, into the right project; creating a complementary skill set, mindset, different experiences into one perfect team.

5. Creative Thinking
Similarly to thinking of the big picture, an HR team member needs to possess the ability to think outside of the box. They must be able to see past certain aspects and find talent that compliments the business as a whole. By thinking creatively they will be able to place individuals into positions that may have been otherwise looked over by a layman. This type of thinking can propel a team into a successful future because they are willing to take chances.

6. Applicant Tracking Software
Proficiency with this software can free up leaders to find talent easier and faster. The hiring experience can be streamlined to manage the entire process of the application and become an integral part of the hiring process.

7. Talent Mobility and Career Development Skills
Design interesting ways for your employees to grow within your organization. HR teams must focus on career development strategies, such as access to internal positions, interview guides and provide ways to promote from within, rather than create turnover. Once you gain the best talent, you want to keep them on your team.

8. Social Media Expertise
The world of job search is being changed forever with tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Building a brand has to be top priority and your social engagement online is key to finding great talent. Partnering with marketing to better understand the company branding strategies, and then executing them on social media involvement is an effective way to gain a large audience and find the best talent. The best HR teams are technological experts, comfortable with the newest ways of marketing.

9. Coaching Skills
HR teams are being redesigned with more and more emphasis on talent management, and less focus on traditional performance evaluations. HR teams need to focus on providing continuous education for employees, building programs that support a holistic work environment, and engaging employees with pertinent training sessions/evaluations that help them develop both professionally and personally.

10. Collaboration and Flexibility
One of the most important HR skills in 2014 is the ability to collaborate with the rest of the company. The dynamics between leadership and employees are always evolving. More than ever, talent is driving the way that businesses function. Therefore, leadership has to be able to adapt to these changes in order to retain key employees and focus on larger goals. HR teams must not only learn the ever-changing fast paced new technology that is being developed to help them recruit new talent; they must also learn the new dynamics to best support their upcoming needs.

Need Help Growing HR? We Can Help

With these skills developed within your HR department, your business can grow to new heights and be a success in 2014! K & K can help you achieve your technical business goals this year. Drop us a message to learn more, or let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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