Qualities Great Recruiter

Qualities Of A Great Recruiter

Many misconceptions in the business world revolve around what recruiters do on a daily basis and what qualities make them successful in the field. If you find yourself asking: “What does it take to recruit the best technical talent?” and “How do I find the perfect candidate?”… look no further! Below is a list of great traits that a top recruiter must possess in order to stand above the crowd.


Be Knowledgeable

Similar to a sales position, you must know the product (or job) you are selling in order to gain sales. This is also top priority for any recruiter. Knowing the job requirements, benefits, hiring manager, and culture of the company are key components to recruiting. This includes being able to do research and understand the position, and specific industry, from all angles. Recruiter.com suggests getting hands on with clients to tour the facilities and talk to current employees in the position to see what they think. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to impact a potential employee and find the right fit for the job.



Another key ingredient to a top recruiter is approachability. This is a key ingredient to our recruiting team here at K & K. Even though our society is now driven by the Internet, having face-to-face, personal contact with our clients remains important. Additionally, we feel that the ability to conduct yourself professionally is imperative to the job. Conferences, in-person meetings, phone calls, and networking are just a few of many ways to stay connected and available. Some may think that this is a no-brainer, but it takes patience and a great attitude for people to find you approachable and want to work with you.


Motivation & Hustle

The best recruiters are not sitting at their office desk waiting for applications to fall into their lap. They are taking action and making connections on a daily basis in order to procure the best talent for their clients. Hard work pays off in the recruiting business and by being persistent you will reap the rewards. The top talent always has many offers on the table. Recruiters who show who work smarter and don’t give up, will often get a call back. Hard work often pays off when the position is filled with the best candidate.


Listening Skills

Going hand in hand with hard work, is good listening. Recruiters have to walk the fine line between persistence and annoying. Learning to listen to hiring managers and candidates will keep you on the positive side of that spectrum. Knowing when to back off or change an approach based on the clients change of needs is important to keep networking connections open. A keen ear is the best way to successfully make a match. K & K recruiters understand the need to listen to both clients and potential candidates, in order to make the best placement.


Seal The Deal

At the end of the day, a recruiter needs to be able to deliver the best candidate for the position. Their ability to seal the deal makes all of the hard work pay off. Negotiation skills are a top priority to anyone considering a job in recruiting. According to CareerBuilder, recruiters must be able to make the best decisions for the clients’ needs, even when forced to make a deal with a candidate.


Tech Savvy

Recruiters have no choice but to be tech savvy mavens to find candidates where they are: online. According to career advice website TheMuse.com, 30% of all Google searches, about 300 million per month, are employment related. Also, 94% of recruiters have used (or plan to use) social media as a part of their recruitment efforts. A decade ago, social media was obsolete, but now it’s more important than ever in promoting jobs and finding great talent. With the increase in popularity of companies using social media and networking websites, recruiters need to be up to speed with the latest trends in technology. With this in mind, our recruiting team is encouraged to use social media, especially Linkedin, as a part of their daily search habits.


These top characteristics are not the only tools that a recruiter needs to be successful, however if honed in on, they will push you to the front of the pack. Understanding the impact of the job as a recruiter is the most important thing overall. By bringing on the right person for the right job, you are not only providing an invaluable resource for a company, but also you could change the direction of that person’s life for the better. Job searching is a high-stakes, high-stress ordeal! By having the right attitude, and right skill set as a recruiter; it can make all of the difference for a successful hiring process for both the candidate and the client.

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