Lowest cost per area in the automotive industry.

understanding operations

Shortest overall project schedule.

shortest overall schedule

Met every handover requirement.

meet all handover requirements

Why K&K?

Project Management

Jeff Caldwell ran Toyota’s program management for 20+ years until retirement. K&K staffed Toyota’s ORO (management office) during the same period.

Owner’s Point of View

Jeff Caldwell was a direct Toyota employee during the period of highest growth in Toyota’s history.

 Project Budget

Achieved minimal cost per area in automotive industry

Project Schedule

On time, no excuses – every scheduled handover was achieved

Safe Project

History of safe projects with an understanding of PR effect to Owner

Proven Procedures

Every detail is covered and has been developed on actual projects

Low Admin Costs

Project administration method required less staffing


Owner involvement is welcomed, but optional


Smallest administration staff
Safe construction site
World class quality built into each facility
Great public relations with each community


Systematic repeatable approach to program workflow
Ability to “pull” necessary information from the Owner to develop design criteria
Guide Owner to determine budget based on product sales and profitability
Design facility to meet budget before construction
Unique method for commissioning for seamless transition to Owner operation
Ability to provide services from concept thru process equipment set and startup

Jeff CaldwellJeff Caldwell has over 30 years of experience in Program Management. He has successfully completed 47 projects at Toyota with budgets over $50 million; 28 of those with the help of K&K. Jeff has logged over 100 million man hours as a Program Manager. He led Toyota’s Program with K&K’s involvement in Construction Management, and now he is leading Program Management at K&K. He has developed K&K’s Program Management in the highly successful image of Toyota’s method during its growth period.

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