Highest Paid American Engineers

Highest Paying Salaries Of Technical Engineers

Highest Paid American EngineersWhen choosing a career, the countless choices can make it a daunting task. However, the right choice of field and profession when starting out can pay large dividends in the long run. Many college freshman may not be thinking about their first paycheck when they begin school. However, new engineering students can benefit greatly by spending some time to learn how well different career choices can pay out.


Did you always get good grades in science and math while you were in high school? Did you enjoy various technology classes? Were you eager to learn more in shop class or chemistry? Considering a job as a technical engineer has great potential, with some of the highest paying starting salaries for college graduates!


Below is a list compiled from the United States Department of Labor, showing the top engineering industries and their starting median salaries for entry level positions in the US. We also included the salaries paid out to the top 90 percentile. Although earning a degree in engineering is challenging, the hard work should pay off when potential employers are willing to compensate you with an above average starting salary post graduation.


National Estimates of Occupational Salaries for Technical Engineers


[table] Type of Engineer,Median Salary,Percentile: 90%
Aerospace Engineering,$103,870,$150,680
Agricultural Engineering,$74,450,$116,040
Biomedical Engineering,$88,670,$143,000
Chemical Engineering,$95,730,$158,980
Civil Engineering,$80,770,$126,190
Computer Hardware Engineering,$104,250,$154,810
Electrical Engineering,$89,180,$139,400
Environmental Engineering,$82,220,$122,690
Materials Engineering,$87,330,$134,510
Mechanical Engineering,$82,100,$123,340
Mining and Geological Engineering,$86,870,$149,070
Nuclear Engineering,$101,600,$156,960
Petroleum Engineering,$132,320,$187,199

All figures are from the United States Department of Labor.


These numbers are averages. Actual salaries paid depend upon many factors such as job description, geographic location, industry sector, employee benefits, etc. Estimates do not include self-employed individuals. Despite variations in these factors for any particular case, you can expect to be highly rewarded for your work as an engineer!


What type of engineering is your specialty? Let us know in the comments below and we can connect you with our recruiting team to discuss available opportunities.

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