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Building a Team Based on Personality

With the job market crawling back from the recession, companies have a wider range of candidates to choose from. Human resource departments sometimes don’t have the ability to choose the most qualified and shouldn’t take only experience into account when choosing the right fit for the position. Companies in 2014 are focusing more and more on personality to determine who they hire and placing emphasis on “cultural fit” coupled with experience.

But what exactly is cultural fit? According to Organizational psychology guru Adrian Furnham, it’s “where there is congruence between the norms and values of the organization and those of the person.” This ‘FIT’ can be very important to recognize during the hiring process. The Wall Street Journal reported that in 2011, nearly 20% of employers are using personality tests to help hire or promote their decisions (Society of Human Resource Management Survey).

A Shared Vision

Having employees that understand the vision of your company promotes retention and excitement surrounding your business. Mike Mondello, President of SeaBear, a wide salmon supplier and successful entrepreneur states “It’s more than just hiring experience people. It’s important to demonstrate the type of organization we want to be.” By doing this you create a culture for your business. One that your employees can understand and buy into. Your passion for your business and goals is translated to your employees and they in turn become an integral part of the success in passing on that passion to your clients.

Hire Smarter than Yourself

According to Lisa King, owner of Brownie Points Inc., which sells gourmet brownies and holiday gift baskets, relying on people smarter than you is another important hiring practice. “Surround yourself with people who know more than you do,” King states. Being able to surround yourself with experienced individuals who can support your business with their knowledge is a great asset. It can be a very positive experience to hire all different personality types in order to create a diverse atmosphere and promote creativity in the workplace. You are more likely to get the same results, if you are always hiring the same types of people! Hiring a versatile group of personality types could expand your business horizons and create teams of people with diverse ideas that push your business forward into new levels.

Smart People, Know Smart People

In his book, Leading Apple with Steve Jobs, Jay Elliott reminds entrepreneurs to not limit hiring searches to typical methods. “When you need to hire someone, you ask the people on the team to recommend somebody they admire,” Elliott suggests. Not only does this add to your team building, it creates a respect within your team. Most of the time talented people will refer other talented people; adding to the dynamics and great personalities you already have working for you.

Don’t get stuck into the box with hiring and attempt to assemble a great team based on both experience and personality. Your business will reach higher levels if you place dynamic people together and promote the overall goals and culture of your business.

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