Why Engineers Make Great Business Leaders

When The Harvard Business Review analyzed the best 100 CEOs in the World in their November 2014 issue, their analysis of the listed executives revealed that 24 of the 100 had engineering degrees. That was the second most common educational…

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Steps To Happiness At Work

10 Steps to Happiness at Work

It often feels like happiness at work is out of our control. Whether we’re dealing with a demanding boss, an annoying co-worker, a crazy project, or difficult working hours, it’s easy to develop a resentful attitude and settle into unhappiness.…

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Ways To Make The Hiring Process Better

9 Ways to Make the Hiring Process Better

Having a solid hiring process isn’t just a good idea, it’s absolutely essential. Choosing the right candidate for the job is vital to making sure your company or organization thrives in today’s competitive market. You want your employees to add…

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