12 Tips For Empowering Co-Workers And Employees

12 Tips for Empowering Co-Workers and Employees

Today’s workplace is a challenging environment, often demanding a careful balance between friendship, professional interest, and education. Empowerment can be a tricky thing. Helping others to be the best they can be, is more often than not, a mine field…

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Breaking The Vicious Cycle Of Machine Breakdowns

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Machine Breakdowns

The automotive manufacturing environment is not for the faint of heart. However, with demand vaulting beyond pre-2009 levels, extensive retooling for new product lines, and significant plant expansions in North America, all signs point to a North American automotive industry…

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Key Reshoring Trends In 2015

Key Reshoring Trends in 2015

The recent trend for reshoring or "insourcing" manufacturing in domestic factories has largely been a political movement, but one that is backed by an economic incentive, without which any major shift in manufacturing would never occur. In the tough and…

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Stop The Meetings To Get More Done

Stop the Meetings to Get More Done

Take a look around the room next time you’re in a meeting. There’s a good chance someone will be engaged more with their smart phone than the host. Some may be doodling while others check the clock regularly or simply…

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Understanding The New Safety Data Sheets

Understanding the New Safety Data Sheets

The GHS is a United Nations initiative to make the handling of chemicals in the workplace safer across the globe. It’s an acronym for The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals and is considered the guideline for…

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Best Software Automation For Manufacturers

Best Software Automation for Manufacturers

Small to midsized businesses and full scale automotive industry enterprises alike will benefit exponentially from a well-chosen manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. ERP systems are the key tool to increasing sales, revenues, and market shares efficiently while maintaining the…

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Addiction And Safety In The Workplace

Addiction and Safety in the Workplace

For most of us, we spend more time at the workplace than we do in our own homes. For this reason, it’s no surprise that many of our personal problems can sometimes spill over into our work. One of the…

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