Best US Engineering Hubs For Graduates In 2015

Best American Engineering Hubs For New Graduates In 2015

You’ve just spent the last four years studying, cramming, designing, and test-taking to graduate with a degree in Engineering….now what? Hopefully you’ve done you’re homework and sought help from career services for advice on what job you’d like to pursue after you receive your diploma. One important factor to consider when applying for jobs is location. In light of the recent job scarcity and unsettled economic climate, it is important to research the best locations to be successful in your field and seek out a career that can continue to grow. So the question remains, where are the best engineering jobs located?

Explosive Energy Sector in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is home to more than 59,000 engineers with a attractive low cost of living. This is the fourth largest city in the United States and the industry revolves around energy, aeronautics, and transportation. Houston’s population is a hodge-podge of religions, ethnicities, and a cultural vibe with popular Museum and Theater Districts. Not as competitive a market as the Los Angeles area with the surrounding elite schools, however this area has many highly regarded and sub-trade schools that feed into the booming engineering job market. Houston is a great place for the emerging engineering student to make a great pay and be able to easily afford a comfortable lifestyle as well.

Advanced Aerospace Engineering Careers in Wichita, Kansas

High on the list for Forbes is Wichita, Kansas with one of the largest concentrations of engineers; 21 per each thousand employees. Driving this large group is aerospace manufacturing, a booming industry within the Wichita area. The potential for engineering students and job seekers in this city is major if they stick around to reap the benefits. Rich history makes this a great place to live. The Wichita RiverFest has been held for nearly 40 years, hosting over 370,000 people who attend each year!

Car Manufacturing Jobs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Midwest has boasted low unemployment throughout the economic downturn based on their large manufacturing industry, mainly in automobiles. However, things are now on the upswing! The solid automobile industry, coupled with the low prices of the midwest economy make this a great place for recent college graduates. Milwaukee is home to many headquarters of Fortune 500 industrial leaders; such as, Johnson Controls, Rockwell AutomationHarley-Davidson and Joy Global. These Midwest manufacturers show that the industrial and business prowess of the Wisconsin capital city is strong. Although this midwestern city might seem to cold for some, the beautiful Lake Michigan coast has a long history of beer brewing, rich culture, and friendly residents.

Civil Engineering Jobs in Washington, DC (Northern Virginia)

The nation’s capital is an obvious choice for college graduates to live with the plethora of free entertainment, cultural activities, and a large population of young adults. With top technology schools such as University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and George Washington University bringing even more educated and qualified individuals into the job marketplace, the level of competition for coveted jobs is high. However, the payoff for those coveted spots is worth the risk. According to, the average salary for a Civil Engineer in Washington, DC is 25% higher than the average for job postings nationwide. Even though the cost of living in this city is much higher than other parts of the US, it’s a great city to start your career, while being a part of one of the most historical, vibrant, and lively urban centers in the country.

Biotech Jobs in San Diego, California

San Diego has boomed in terms of biotech companies establishing themselves within the confines of the city to take advantage of the strong engineering, science, and technology sectors. in 2013, San Diego was home to over 400 biotech companies, and the industry is looking to grow as safety standards and automation of biotech processes increase. This beautiful city is situated on the Pacific coast and is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, being the 8th largest nationwide. According to the Farmers Almanac, San Diego has one of the top-ten best climates in America. With warm, dry summers and mild winters, the city has an eclectic culture attributed to the west coast attitude and close proximity to the Mexican border. San Diego is a great city for those looking for a great job, in a city with plenty of adventures, activity, and beautiful sunshine.
With a list this great, it’s proud to be an American engineer! Let us know if we forgot any top spots for engineering jobs. Consider working with us, and we’ll help you find your dream job. Feel free to send us a message anytime.

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